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A Student Visa is issued to U.S. citizens who have been admitted to educational institutions in foreign countries for full-time study. These visas are generally tied to the duration of the academic program.

Key Features

  • Purpose: For academic study in a foreign institution.

  • Duration: Varies based on academic program length, often extendable.

  • Privileges: Study rights, may include limited work rights.

How to Apply

student visa
  1. Obtain a letter of acceptance from a foreign educational institution.

  2. Complete the required application forms.

  3. Gather supporting documents, such as financial proof and health insurance.

  4. Pay the visa fee.

  5. Attend an interview, if required.


  • Can I work while studying?: Depending on the country, you may have limited work rights.

  • Can my dependents join me?: Some student visas allow for family members to join the primary visa holder.

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