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Stolen Passport: What You Should Do Next

Discovering that your passport has been stolen is a daunting experience. Amidst the uncertainty and potential disruptions to your travel plans, it's vital to act promptly and protect your identity. State Document is here to help, offering a systematic guide to managing a stolen passport situation.

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Features of our Passport Stolen Service - From $89 per Applicant
  • Form-Fill Service: We ensure your US Passport application is error-free and adheres to all official requirements.

  • Document Pre-Check Service: Leave no room for mistakes with our document pre-check service. Every last “i” is dotted and box is checked.

  • Appointment Set-up: We handle your US Passport appointment set-up at your local USPS or other Acceptance Agents.

  • Professional Consultation: Benefit from a 15-minute professional video/phone one-on-one consultation.

  • US Passport Expediting Checklist: Receive a personalized US Passport PDF checklist package via email.

Urgent Steps for a Stolen Passport

Immediate Reporting


It is critical to report a stolen passport as soon as it's discovered. This helps prevent identity fraud and misuse.


State Document offers immediate assistance to report your stolen passport to the appropriate authorities.

Invalidation of Stolen Passport


Once you report it stolen, the passport is immediately invalidated and can no longer be used for international travel, safeguarding you from potential identity theft.

Comprehensive Stolen Passport Replacement Guide

Navigating the aftermath of a stolen passport can be overwhelming, but State Document provides expert guidance and support throughout the entire process:

Prompt Reporting Guidance

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We'll help you fill out and submit the DS-64 form to report your passport stolen, ensuring all details are thoroughly documented.


New Passport Application Preparation


You will need to apply for a new passport using Form DS-11. Our platform simplifies this step with intuitive online tools and personalized support.


Gathering Necessary Identification


State Document assists in compiling necessary identification and citizenship documents, ensuring you meet all requirements for a new passport application.


Passport Photo Requirements


State Document helps you obtain a new passport photo that meets all the requirements, which is essential for the new passport application.


Fee Calculation and Submission


We break down the costs associated with replacing a stolen passport, including the State Document service fee, to ensure you understand all expenses involved.


In-Person Application Submission


For a stolen passport, you must apply in person. State Document locates the nearest acceptance facility for you and provides a pre-filled application package to take with you.


Expedited and Emergency Services


Expedited Processing: If you have imminent travel plans, State Document can fast-track your stolen passport replacement application with expedited processing options.

Emergency Services: For urgent situations, where travel is required within 14 days, we can arrange an appointment at a regional passport agency and prepare all necessary documentation for an emergency passport issuance.

State Document's Comprehensive Support


Unmatched Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in responding to stolen passport emergencies, providing reassurance and precise action during stressful times.


Customer Support

Our customer support team is renowned for its attentive care, ready to assist you 24/7 with any inquiries or concerns.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are confident in our services and offer a satisfaction guarantee, promising a stress-free renewal experience.

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Data Protection

Your personal information is protected with State Document’s stringent privacy protocols, ensuring it remains confidential.

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