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How to Get a Second U.S. Passport Hassle-Free? 

A second passport is an additional valid passport issued to a citizen who already holds a passport. A second passport isn't a result of dual citizenship. Instead, it's an additional passport issued by the U.S. Department of State to individuals who meet certain criteria. This guide aims to shed light on the concept of a second passport: what it is, why one might need it, and how to go about obtaining one.

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Why Would You Need a Second Passport?

Travel Restrictions


Some countries have strict entry rules, barring visitors with stamps from specific nations. A second passport ensures you can travel to such countries without complications.

Visa Processing


If you frequently travel and need to apply for multiple visas, having a second passport can be handy. This way, you can use one passport while the other is with a consulate for visa processing.

Emergency Replacements


Having a second passport can be a lifesaver if your primary one gets lost or stolen.

Learn more about Stolen or Lost Passport

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a second U.S. passport:


You must have a valid reason


Your current passport should be valid


Supporting documentation might be required, like airline tickets showing travel restrictions due to visa processing.

Application Process For a Second Passport

To apply for a second passport:

DS-82 Form

Complete the U.S. Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals. It's vital to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this form.  Start Now


Passport Photos

You will need two color passport photos that meet the U.S. passport photo requirements. These should be 2x2 inches, with a neutral face expression, taken against a white or off-white background.


Current Passport

Even if it's for a second passport, you must submit your current valid U.S. passport.


Proof of Need

You'll need to offer concrete evidence indicating why a second passport is necessary. Examples include : Flight itinerary showing travel to conflicting countries (e.g., Israel and certain Middle Eastern countries) ; letter from an employer detailing frequent travel and potential visa overlaps etc.


Fee Calculation and Submission

We break down the costs associated with getting a second passport, including the State Document service fee, to ensure you understand all expenses involved.


Expedited and Emergency Services

Expedited Processing: If you have imminent travel plans, State Document can fast-track your second passport application with expedited processing options.

Overseas Applications: For urgent situations, where travel is required within 14 days, we can arrange an appointment at a regional passport agency and prepare all necessary documentation for an emergency passport issuance.

Duration & Validity

A second U.S. passport is generally valid for four years. However, the Department of State may issue the passport with a shorter validity depending on the circumstances.

Tips & Recommendations

Keep Them Separate

Always store your passports separately to minimize the risk of loss or theft of both simultaneously.


Know the Rules

Be aware of entry and exit rules for the countries you're visiting. Using the wrong passport can lead to complications.

Update Regularly

Ensure both passports have updated information, especially if you've had any personal detail changes.

Why Choose State Document for Your Stolen Passport?

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