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Child Passport

A Child Passport is issued to minors, typically those under the age of 16 or 18, depending on the issuing country. It often has a shorter validity period compared to adult passports.

Key Features

  • Shorter validity: Typically 5 years for U.S. child passports.

  • Requires parental or guardian consent for issuance.

  • May have specific photo requirements.

Application Process

  • Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or equivalent).

  • Parental/guardian identification.

  • Application Form DS-11 (for U.S. passports).

  • Passport photo adhering to child-specific guidelines.

  • Consent documentation, ensuring both guardians agree to the passport issuance.

child passport


  • Same as adult passports for international travel.

  • Important: Some countries have specific entry/exit regulations for minors. Always check before traveling.

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