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A Diplomatic Visa is a specialized type of visa issued to individuals who are visiting a country on diplomatic or government assignments. Unlike standard visas, Diplomatic Visas often come with certain privileges and immunities as per international laws.

Key Features 

  • Purpose: Issued to government representatives, diplomats, and consular officers.

  • Duration: Duration varies by the terms of the assignment and international agreements.

  • Privileges: May include expedited processing, no visa fees, and certain legal immunities.

diplomatic visa

How to Apply

  • Secure an assignment from your home country's government to a post in the host country.

  • Request an official diplomatic note from your government, which endorses your status.

  • Complete the Diplomatic Visa application form. This form often requires added clearance and is different from standard visa forms.

  • Submit any required supporting documents, which may include a valid diplomatic passport, mission orders, and the diplomatic note.

  • Await approval, which is often expedited for diplomatic applications.


Can family members also get a Diplomatic Visa?: Yes, immediate family members are generally also issued Diplomatic Visas.

Do I need to pay a fee?: Most countries do not charge visa fees for diplomatic missions.

What happens if my assignment is terminated?: Your Diplomatic Visa will generally be revoked, and you may need to leave the host country.

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