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U.S. Passport Request

We are the most trusted U.S Passport preparer service.

We handle all the hassle and we are able to expedite your application.


Application Form DS-11
New Passport



If you can say YES to at least one of the following, we will prepare the DS-11 form.

  • The applicant is younger than 16 years old.

  • It will be the first time getting a US passport for the applicant.

  • The applicant already had a US passport, issued over 15 years ago.

  • Applicant's first US passport was issued when his/her were 15 years old or younger.

Application Form DS-82
Passport Renewal



We will prepare a Form DS-82 if the applicant's current passport:

  • Is still in his/her possession AND free of damages.

  • Was issued at the age of 16 or older.

  • Is almost out of blank pages.

  • Has expired in the last 15 years or will expire soon.

  • Has a different name since the passport was issued over a year ago.

Application Form DS-64

Passport Replacement



We will prepare Form DS-64 if the applicant's current passport:

  • Needs to be reported as lost or stolen AND you want to apply for a new passport.

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