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  • Ensure all sections of the form are filled out accurately.

  • Use black ink and write legibly.

  • Do not sign the form until instructed by an acceptance agent.

Lost Passport

A Lost Passport refers to a passport that a holder can no longer locate and assumes to be misplaced, potentially jeopardizing the holder's identity and personal security.

Immediate Actions

  • Report the Loss: Notify local police about the lost passport.

  • Inform the Issuing Authority: If abroad, contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the issuing country. If in the home country, contact the local passport office.

  • Prevent Misuse: Request a cancellation of the lost passport to prevent potential identity theft or misuse.


lost passport

Apply for a new passport, providing the necessary documentation and potentially additional evidence or statements concerning the loss.

Traveling Abroad

  • Contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

  • They will guide on emergency travel documents or the process of obtaining a new passport abroad.

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