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Damaged Passport:
Your Next Steps with State Document

When you find your passport damaged, the implications for your travel plans can be significant. Whether it’s from water damage, a torn page, or other physical alterations, a damaged passport can hinder your ability to travel internationally. Understanding the urgency and the potential stress such situations can cause, State Document offers a detailed, supportive pathway to replacing your damaged passport, ensuring you’re back to planning your travels with confidence.

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Features of our Damaged Passport Service - From $89 per Applicant
  • Form-Fill Service: We ensure your US Passport application is error-free and adheres to all official requirements.

  • Document Pre-Check Service: Leave no room for mistakes with our document pre-check service. Every last “i” is dotted and box is checked.

  • Appointment Set-up: We handle your US Passport appointment set-up at your local USPS or other Acceptance Agents.

  • Professional Consultation: Benefit from a 15-minute professional video/phone one-on-one consultation.

  • US Passport Expediting Checklist: Receive a personalized US Passport PDF checklist package via email.

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Immediate Steps for a Damaged Passport

Assessment of Damage

It's crucial to understand what constitutes a damaged passport. Normal "wear and tear" usually doesn't warrant a replacement.


However, significant damage, such as water exposure, torn pages, unauthorized markings, or other alterations, will necessitate a new passport.

Report and Replacement

Unlike stolen passports, damaged passports don't need to be reported as stolen.


However, they must be replaced. State Document provides immediate support to begin your replacement application, ensuring a smooth and swift process.

Submission of Damaged Passport

Your damaged passport must be submitted along with your replacement application.


This ensures the damaged document is properly invalidated and cannot be misused.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing a Damaged Passport

Identify the Damage

Understand what the U.S. Department of State considers “damage” significant enough to require a passport replacement.


Gather Necessary Documents

Besides the damaged passport, you’ll need to collect other forms of identification and possibly proof of imminent travel if you're applying for expedited service.


Fill Out the Appropriate Form

Depending on your situation, fill out Form DS-11 (for new applicants or if your current passport is not eligible for renewal) or Form DS-82 (for eligible renewals). State Document’s form-fill service can guide you through this process.


Document Pre-Check

Utilize our pre-check service to ensure all submitted materials meet the required standards, significantly reducing the risk of application rejection.


Appointment and Submission

We break down the costs associated with replacing a damaged passport, including the State Document service fee, to ensure you understand all expenses involved.


In-Person Application Submission

If applying with DS-11, you'll need to visit an acceptance facility. We schedule this for you, preparing all documentation in advance.


Expedited and Emergency Services

Expedited Processing: If you have imminent travel plans, State Document can fast-track your damaged passport application with expedited processing options.

Overseas Applications: For urgent situations, where travel is required within 14 days, we can arrange an appointment at a regional passport agency and prepare all necessary documentation for an emergency passport issuance.

Why Choose State Document for Your Damaged Passport?

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Professional Service

Our team of professionals will

assist you with any need.

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Best Price

Starting from only $89 for

standard delivery, you can

ensure you have the best service!

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Acceptance Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver an

application meeting the


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MoneyBack Guarantee

Our top priority is your

satisfaction! Enjoy our

WorryLess warranty.

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